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Our custom services provide design and development to meet your specific needs. We specialize in creating user friendly sites with an attractive design and easily accessible information which is key in today's internet environment. A properly designed site can increase traffic, effectively project your message to your target audience, and attract more business.

Our coders are experienced in a variety of tools for coding and graphic design. By keeping updated on the latest technologies, we am able to offer the highest end development for your dollar with a fast turn around time.

Please contact us for further information on any of my services. We are always available to to assist you in meeting your online goals.


Our experience and dedication allows us to offer everything you need for a professional site that not only looks good, but works for you. We can take your site from concept to completion, give your current site a 'facelift', or simply add some desired functionality.

Database Integration
We are highly experienced in integrating your new or existing web pages with mySQL or FileMaker databases. Dynamic content is a "must have" in today's world and we can make it happen!

FileMaker Development
From simple to complex, we can help you with your existing or new FileMaker solution. Custom development gets you what you need to run your business efficiently in the office and from the field.

Site outline & structure
We can help you arrange your site and navigation so the information you have to offer is easily accessible to your audience.

Site coding
Efficient, well-written code is guaranteed. It is all done by hand so we am knowledgeable about every aspect of your site.

Graphic design
It is essential to combine artistic elements with even the most basic site. We can create all the graphics needed for a complete and attractive package.

Online payments
Accepting payments online may be easier than you think. Utilizing the services offered by PayPal, We can create completely customized shopping to meet your needs.

Dynamic pages
It's amazing what your site can do for you! Coding with PHP, I can create pages that create other pages, update/edit your site content, send emails, integrate with a mySQL database, and more! See examples in the portfolio. These services depend on the yt support of your hosting company.

Site optimization
An organized and efficient site leads to faster load time and easier maintenance. We are available to re-write 'sloppy' code, optimize your images and photos for the web, and rid your site of redundant code through the use of Server Side Includes or PHP.

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